Friday, October 30, 2015

Re-Elect Lloyd Hara for King County Assessor

Since being blessed with the privilege of being your County Assessor, Lloyd Hara has made many fine accomplishments in service to the public. He has improved public accessibility to all the information used to assess individual properties, he has personally visited all 39 cities and all unincorporated areas of King County, to provide education and outreach, and he has reduced appeals into the office by 50% since he began his term – a strong signal of public confidence in his work. Now, with another election coming to determine the next County Assessor, Lloyd needs your help. He wants to continue to serve you as a fair and knowledgeable Assessor, just as he has done since taking office. During his time as County Assessor, Lloyd had delivered on every promise and exceeded others. As an independent-minded public interest watchdog who has studied, taught, and practiced public finance at an expert level, he is leading a cycle of renewal in the Department of Assessments.

Being a public servant with a solid reputation for transparency and straight talk, Lloyd represents the Department most effectively to a deeply distressed taxpaying public. He holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor's in Economics from the UW, where he also finished all but a dissertation for a Doctorate in Political Science.

Lloyd is a well known and well liked County Assessor. His bid for reelection has already been endorsed by over 40 state legislators, over 40 mayors and other local elected officials, as well as a dozen current and former county-wide elected officials. He is also endorsed by 27 of his fellow Assessors in counties across the state, a growing roster of civic, labor, and district political organizations, and over 300 leading citizens – including Attorney General Bob Ferguson, former State Auditor Brian Sonntag, and former Governor Gary Locke and Mike Lowry.

Lloyd and enjoyed and been privileged to be asked to be your County Assessor, and he now asks to continue the job he started. Lloyd is a strong, competent, and professional man who has proven his abilities as Assessor for King County. He hopes he can count on your support to persevere in the task he has been doing so well.

When Election Day comes, please remember who has already served you so faithfully. Please vote to reelect Lloyd Hara as County Assessor for King County.

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