Monday, March 10, 2014

Android Powered Nokia Mobile in Windows Clothing Coming Soon

Reports about Finnish multinational communications corporation Nokia entering Android market with their Android Phones have been doing rounds for quite some time. Recently the topic about Nokia launching an Android powered phone with Windows theme became even more talked about, when the Wall Street Journal confirmed that Nokia would unveil an Android powered phone at Mobile World Congress tradeshow at the end of the month.

According to the sources, the Android powered Nokia phones would come preloaded with Microsoft and Nokia services. An interesting feature to watch out is the Nokia Android app store, rather than the conventional Google software and Google’s Play store. This would be the first step towards challenging the supremacy of Google pay store. Newspaper sources have confirmed that the handset is going to be unveiled later this month at Barcelona Mobile World Congress tradeshow and speculations about the price remain a mystery.

There are a lot of questions that still need to be answered, and everyone is really confused about few questions making rounds in everyone’s mind. Most unpredictable part is the Nokia-Microsoft $7.2 Billion deal. Reports about Microsoft acquiring Nokia for $7.2 Billion were earlier protected by small shareholder, but with 99.7% investors voting in favor, the deal was set. The question that arises is that why would the Microsoft, which has its own mobile platform, sanction its soon to be mobile making division to build an Android-powered device?

Finland based Nokia, reported losses of more than 5 billion euros over nine quarters as Elop’s comeback efforts failed to eat into the dominance of Apple (AAPL) and Google’s Android platform in the Smartphone market. It is important to note that the stock has lost more than 80 percent in the five years through yesterday. Nokia Lumia with record sales of 8.8 million Lumia Smartphone in the third quarter of the year and 30 million Lumia devices during in the whole of 2013 is the 90 contributor to the Nokia’s earnings.

Recently Google announced that they have a recorder 900M active Android activations in May last year and expected to break the billion mark by the end of this year as the platform continues to expand to a new device types to fuel further growth. Keeping in mind such figures, it is difficult to understand the strategy of Microsoft.

With the announcement of an Android Operating System phone in windows skin, Nokia has created quite a buzz in the market. No doubt Windows phone are good enough to dominate the market, but there is a need for better growth strategy. However, packing Windows skin with Android operating system is really intelligent move. It would be really interesting to watch out for the device to be released by the end of this month and to check out if the phone will live up to the expectations and hype generated.

Source: Tech Crunch

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