Monday, March 3, 2014

Miley Cyrus Laywers Cuts off "Flying Cyrus" Wings

Flying Cyrus – Wrecking Ballgame is one of the most popular iOS games of the recent times. Currently, ranking as the fifth most popular free iPhone application in the U.S., from the iTunes App Store, it is very similar to the irritatingly difficult and yet very popular “Flappy Bird” app. According to the latest reports Israeli App designer company Talo Games has been asked to remove the game Flying Cyrus by Miley’s legal team for unauthorized use of celebrity’s name and trademarks.

Flying Cyrus closely resembles the viral hit maker Flappy Bird that was pulled off by its creator. Ever since the Flappy Bird was pulled off the App store, several clone Apps have hit the App store’s top charts filling the market with the alternatives for the frustrating addictive game. Making use of the popular Flappy bird concept, Talo Game’s introduced Flying Cyrus in which the flying bird was replaced by a floating head resembling Miley, bouncing between the wrecking balls instead of green pipes in the case of Flappy Bird app.

According to official sources Flying Cyrus App has reached almost 5 million downloads since its release in the mid of February and efforts are on to resolve the complaint from Miley’s lawyers and reach a settlement. Talo Games has denied the claims and emphasizing on freedom of expression Talo Game’s legal representative has termed it as a parody and urged Miley’s legal team that there is nothing to be upset about. In the past, we have witnessed several such parodies that at times went un-noticed, but most of thee times there was a controversy adding on to the business. Ever since the reports of legal action became public, Flying Cyrus has witnessed a tremendous increase in number of downloads and is gaining tremendous popularity.

Concept of the game is same as that of Flappy Bird with the small bird being replaced by a floating blonde head and green pipes with wrecking balls. User has to move past these wrecking balls which are not very easy to achieve and the game is high on frustration level and difficulty also. Yet, people seem to like the game with added celebrity effect. As for now, efforts are on to reach a mutual understanding, but the result is still to be determined. Meanwhile, the game is topping charts being on the top spot as the lawyers try to sort out the situation. However, if the game is put off the App store or drawn away just like Flappy Bird, there are still plenty of options available for the games to choose from.

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